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 We have been manufacturing our SF series since 1990 and they are used in both home ponds and commercial fish wholesalers ponds.

This filter is the perfect balance of size and flow for a 5000 Liter pond with goldfish or Koi
With a larger pond contact us for details on the use of multiple units.

The SF filter is constructed of a special glassfibre mixture and non toxic.
We manufactured the rocks at the two oceans aquarium from this same mixture.


The first layer of the filter is a porous mousse that allows maximum water movement yet captures large particles and waste products.
The next layer is a fine filter media  and then a ceramic noodle layer to create the perfect mechanical and biological filtration.
You can purchase the filter in black or stone finnish and it can be connected to our range of CQB Pumps. The filter is connected to the inlet of the pump so that you pump always stays clean and the outlet is then able to be used for a fountain or water feature

You can also purchase the SF I filter that has the pump inside the filter unit ( shown Below )SF4-Inernal-blk

This unit also comes in black or stone. This filter is ideal for smaller ponds, use the P2000 pump for ponds of 1000-2000 Litres and the P2500 pump for 2000-4000 Liter ponds.

SF filters available in black or stone   R650-00  Complete with media. ( Excludes pump )
SF I filters available in stone or black  R650-00 Complete with media. ( Excludes pump )
Replacement filter mousse R79-00 each
Replacement fine media R45-00  2 pack

When cleaning the filter just rinse the 2 layers of media with pond water.
DO NOT CLEAN THE CERAMIC BIO MEDIA. It needs to stay dirty For The bacteria to work.
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